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Un-geoblock and Get Netflix USA

Netflix subscribers in the United States have access to a huge library of movies, television shows and documentaries. While Netflix is now available in over 40 other countries but the size of these other Netflix libraries are much smaller than in the United States.

This means that if you subscribe to Netflix outside of the United States you only have access to a small library and may be unable to watch your favourite television shows and movies. Netflix uses geolocation tools to make sure you are geoblocked from the full United States library (unless of course you happen to be in the U.S.) and can only access the right library for your own country. This will make you sad.

But do not despair! There are easy tricks that will let you un-geoblock and access the full U.S. version of Netflix to stream media from anywhere in the world outside of the United States. These tricks will also let you unblock and access many other worldwide streaming media services from outside the host country, including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, Pandora, Spotify and many more.

So, how do I unblock the U.S. version of Netflix?

The easiest way is to use a smart DNS service.  A smart DNS works on most devices such as computers, Smart TVs, smart Bluray players, iPads and iPhones, Android, routers/modems and more.

These SmartDNS services cost just a few US dollars a month but are definitely worth the small expense as not only do they unblock the better value Netflix library, they also unblock many other (often free) streaming services around the world (like the very popular BBC iPlayer).  SmartDNS services also don’t effect any of your other internet browsing habits, only those sites like Netflix that you want to un-geoblock. There are free unblocking services around but you won’t find them here as they are a security risk (they work by reselling your internet bandwidth to unknown persons for unknown purposes).

The SmartDNS service I use is  I have set up my router/modem to use unlocator‘s smart DNS (domain name system) which then automatically unblocks access for all of my computers, TVs and devices connected to my home wi-fi network. Alternatively, you can follow the device setup instructions on unlocator to apply the smart DNS on a device by device basis.

An alternative smart DNS service are or

Whichever one you choose, follow these steps and the instructions on the smart DNS site:

Step 1

Sign up to the trial service at unlocator or getflix or SmartDNSproxy.

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Step 2

Following the device setup instructions at unlocator or getflix or SmartDNSproxy.  I strongly recommend setting up your router/modem but you can also just start with your Windows or Mac computer. In your smart DNS account settings, make sure you tell it the country you live in (to keep access to your home country streaming video services).

Step 3

Test your new unblocked smart DNS setup with the free BBC iPlayer (if you are outside the United Kingdom) or the free ABC iView (if you are outside Australia).  If these free streaming video services work from outside those countries then you are un-geoblocked and ready to go. If not, step through the setup instructions again.

Step 4

Go to and signup to their free seven day trial.  When you signup with Netflix, tell them you live in Delaware City, Delaware ZIP Code 19706.  If you use another ZIP code (like the popular 90210) you will get charged extra VAT (tax).

Step 5

You’re done! You have now unleashed the world of un-geoblocked streaming media!  If you like what you have discovered, make sure you add your payment details at the end of the free trials and share this page with your friends and family.

Check out below some of the popular titles available on the U.S. Netflix or go to the Netflix Youtube page.

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